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Tile for Shower Floor
Aesthetics aside, a good tile for shower floors has to be slip-resistant. Tile for the bathroom needs to be appropriate for space and consider bathroom location and size.
In general, any porcelain and some stone tiles are the most popular picks for homeowners, while most glazed ceramic tile is unsuitable. Keep in mind that no tile installation is 100% waterproof. When you choose the tile size, you need to be aware of the fact that floor tile size may affect both design flexibility and slip-resistance. Smaller tiles also involve more grout lines than larger units, this translates to greater slip-resistance because grout is similar to sandpaper.

Tile for Shower Walls
Great tile for shower walls needs to be suitable for extremely wet locations. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile are the most popular picks. Glass and stone also make a good tile for shower walls. Large, clear glass tiles are tricky to install and can show moisture behind the tiles. Small glass with color will be a better pick. Proportion is critical here as well. We can assist in choosing the right shower wall tile, we will know how to consider proportion, installation, and long-term performance.

Tile for Shower Ceiling
Contrasting tile on the ceiling is not recommended, unless the shower has a curved ceiling, as some steam showers do than tile on the ceiling will protect your shower, relatively small tiles will work better than larger ones.

Shower Seats and Other Special Features
Built-in shower seats, benches, niches, windows, curbs, and other features offer both design challenges and creative opportunities when choosing good tile for showers. Proportion and installation are critical considerations because the tile must conform well to size constraints and tricky layouts.


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