Five Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Los Angeles

Five Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Los Angeles

Five Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Los Angeles

Many people consider their bathroom a personal sanctuary, not just a place to rinse away the grime and stress of a long day. What’s considered a “personal sanctuary,” though, is entirely dependent on a bathroom’s occupants.

Some homeowners look to recreate the dream bathrooms found in luxury magazines, with features like spacious marble flooring and enormous double tubs. However, smaller but well-conceived bathroom renovations can just be as exquisite. Bathroom remodeling all boils down to finding and implementing a design that works for your unique space. Still, there are a handful of trends that are quite popular among many homeowners, especially this year. So, which are worth trying? Here are five popular bath remodeling ideas that homeowners are using in the star-studded city of Los Angeles:


  • Stylish Shower Niches, As they say, it’s the little things that count. Upgrading your shower niche, or the storage alcove built into shower walls may seem like a trivial remodeling idea. However, when done right, this renovation can make your bath space look five-star. You can emulate that seamless, accommodating design of a hotel bathroom, or play with patterns and hues to capture that designer look. Homeowners should carefully consider the positioning of their shower niche and the configuration of their shower walls, as these components can greatly affect their space’s convenience and visual appeal. Shower niche renovation has become popular because it offers a relatively simple upgrade to your stall’s overall functionality and convenience, when many installations, like clear glass, surrounds, are predominantly stylistic improvements.


  • The Perfect Vanity area for years, the vanity has been considered a starring centerpiece for any lavish bathroom. In fact, HGTV highlights vanity area makeover projects among the best renovative options for homeowners looking to build home value and catch the eyes of prospective buyers. Why? Well, simply put: people spend a lot of time looking at themselves in the mirror. That’s why the best vanities often replicate the look and feel of living area furniture, often sporting brown, earthy tones to give off that warm and comfy feeling.


  • Smoky Glass Shower Enclosures That Offer a (Hit or Miss) Look of LuxuryAccording to data from Houzz, smoky glass shower enclosures aren’t much more expensive than a typical clear glass counterpart. While this makeover is slowly becoming more popular among homeowners who like private and sophisticated designs, home experts caution against overdoing it. This makeover can increase the marketability of your home, but there is little to no assurance that you will recoup your investment. This is because smoky glass enclosures are just one of many bathroom features that can make space seem more luxurious. Also, you run the risk of personalizing your space so much that buyers are either completely alienated or simply can’t envision themselves using your bathroom because it contradicts their design sensibilities.


  • Spa-Like Bathrooms If you’d like every trip to the bathroom to feel like a spa getaway, there are several considerations you should make before starting your renovation. First, you need to assess how much space you have, then decide which colors or patterns you are going to use since you also need to consider the preferences of other people who will be using your bathroom. When it comes to larger functional and feature changes, there are many ways to create a spa-like bathroom, such as expanding your shower area, installing a freestanding tub, investing in striking new ceramic tiles, or outfitting your current bathtub with whirlpool jets for enhanced muscle relaxation. According to data from Remodeling Magazine, bathroom makeovers offer an approximate 70% return on investment, and that percentage will only increase as you add more universally comforting elements, like heated flooring or shower seating.


  • High-Tech Toilets Tongues in cheeks aside, high-tech toilet development is serious business across the globe, and that push for innovation has translated to increased public awareness and investment in these automated commodes. There’s no denying that a multi-setting, self-flushing toilet will catch the eye of anyone visiting your bathroom, but it may not be enough to push buyers from intrigue to investment. Unlike traditional toilets, these high-tech models run on electricity, so there’s an added utility expense to consider when you own one. Also, because the bathroom is such a traditionally private area, the idea of autonomous toilets may simply not be for everyone. This bath remodeling project may be revolutionary in the long run, but it may not deliver a good return for homeowners now.


  • Let Popular Trends Inform—Not Dominate—Your Renovation decisions at the end of the day, your remodeling choices should coincide with your plans for your home. If you’re simply looking to create the most comfortable space possible for you and your family, then opt for deeply personalized features and fixtures. If you’re trying to create the most enticing home on the block for buyers, invest in renovations that offer amenities every type of user can enjoy. Most importantly, don’t let popular trends dominate your decision making. Trends are nice to consider because they give you a better idea of what features or benefits people value most in their bathrooms, which is especially helpful info if you do, in fact, plan to sell, but your investments should only have one purpose: enriching the comfort and functionality of your home.


You’ve done your homework, now it’s time to build your stylish new Bathroom!


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